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CDP Statement on Immigration Remarks

The Congregation of Divine Providence shares the outrage of many people at the recent words reported to be uttered by President Trump in reference to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa.

In addition to the vulgarity of language that we Sisters have spent generations teaching children not to utter, we are far more outraged at the moral depravity of considering Norwegians to be more worthy of acceptance than those from other countries or even one whole continent.

We Sisters have joined with other Sisters of Providence worldwide to sponsor a mission in Haiti because we are committed to the dignity of the people there. We have, for over a decade, invited Sisters from other religious congregations who come from Africa into our homes as they study in local Universities to improve their education and obtain degrees.  We have been enriched by their presence.

We reject any idea that some of God’s children are more valuable than others. We call on President Trump to apologize for his remarks, to work for healing with the representatives of the countries he has offended by meeting with their ambassadors, and to work proactively to increase the numbers of immigrants to the United States from Haiti, El Salvador, Africa, and other countries.  The United States will be made richer by their contributions.

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