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Statement on Lightning Strike at Moye Retreat Center

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Sometime early this morning, lightning struck the original schoolhouse at Moye Retreat Center in Castroville, TX. The building was not occupied at the time and there were no injuries. Firefighters and other first responders are still on the scene making sure the fire is completely out. Tony Miller, the director, has not been allowed in the building to assess the damage. He knows that there is extensive damage on the second floor, and the first floor sustained smoke and water damage. The Fire Marshall should be there before noon to make a thorough investigation and a full report will be available in 24 hours. The damage will reduce the number of retreatants from 85 to 71. Additional beds will be relocated to the main building. This will not have an impact on upcoming retreats.

About the Sisters of Divine Providence: We Sisters of Divine Providence are a community of women religious rooted in our confidence that God is provident. We participate in the mission of Jesus by responding to the needs of the time through ministry and service. For 150 years we live our lives with complete trust in a provident God –guiding, loving, and caring for all creation.

Our founder, Blessed John Martin Moye, was a priest and a prophet for the Church and the world of his time, whose source of insight, courage, and power was always the same: a strong confidence in the providence of God. This confidence in a provident God is a grace for the world entrusted to Father Moye and to the Sisters of Divine Providence. It stands as the particular way God is present to the world through us.

Contact:  For more information contact Mary Anne Votion, Director of Mission Support and Communications, 210-846-5104 or

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