A Memorable December 12

December 12 turned out to be an active and lovely day for our Sisters of Divine Providence. Sisters Joyce Detzel, Anita Brenek, Margit Nagy, Lourdes Leal, Louise Miksch and Cathy Parent attended the celebration at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. OLLU employees and faculty members were also in attendance. This celebration included readings, traditional songs, ofrendas /offerings in the form of red roses placed by attendees in vases next to Our Lady’s image. Matachines danced and honored Our Lady of Guadalupe and ended their dance with the traditional shout out “Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe” which all replied to by shouting “Que Viva!” The Sisters renewed their vows in the presence of about 50 members of the OLLU family. A reception sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry immediately followed. Homemade menudo and corn tortillas, tamales, buñuelos, pan de dulce and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all.

The Sisters then joined the rest of their community at the convent’s Annunciation Chapel for 11:00 Mass. A few hours later members of USAA brought Santa, Elvis and elves and annual gifts for each resident of the convent. Food, music and fellowship filled the room and all were grateful for the generosity of USAA.

171212 OLG At OLLU – Renewal Of Vows Renamed 10571
171212 OLG At OLLU – Renewal Of Vows_renamed_10571
171212 OLG At OLLU (47)
171212 OLG Day At OLLU – Ofrenda De Rosas_renamed_28936
171212 USAA CDP Attendees At Party
171212 USAA Elves_renamed_8316
171212 USAA Elvis W Sr Lourdes Leal
171212 OLG At OLLU – Renewal Of Vows Renamed 10571171212 OLG At OLLU (47)171212 OLG Day At OLLU – Ofrenda De Rosas Renamed 28936171212 USAA CDP Attendees At Party171212 USAA Elves Renamed 8316171212 USAA Elvis W Sr Lourdes Leal