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ldr-cardenasSister Susana Maria Cardenas was born in Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She was one of the original group of five young pioneer catechists were recruited by Sister Rachel Moreno in 1952 and brought to San Antonio to receive training as catechists. The five had been serving as catechists, but Sister Susana says that all they did was teach the children to repeat their prayers “like parrots.” The first trip to San Antonio was the beginning of a complicated and fascinating story that eventually, after ten years, led to these young women becoming the first Sisters of Divine Providence in Mexico in 1962. Sister Susana, along with Sister Lourdes Garcia, another of the pioneers, celebrated her golden jubilee in 2012.

Sister Susana’s dedication and trust in Providence took her to catechetical and pastoral ministry across Mexico from Oaxaca in the far south, to Coahuila in the north, and to central Mexico in Mexico City and in Queretaro and the surrounding rural areas. Her organizational talents were evident as she worked as secretary to the bishop in Mexico City and also served in the chancery in Queretaro. Sister Susana is a natural leader and her talents have been important in service to the CDP community as she worked in the initial formation program, was the treasurer, was Regional Councilor for two years and served as Regional Superior for six years.

Reflecting on her life as a Sister of Divine Providence, Sister Susana says, “Being a CDP is the best thing that ever happened to me and to my family. Providence chose me and I would never want anything else. Providence has always been present and alive in my life.”

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